Valentine's Day Art Gifts

February 2020

Hi Friends and Art Lovers!   💛Happy Valentine's Day!

This is a reminder to buy art from working artists that need your support. I am currently awaiting hip surgery and can not work at this time beyond my art and writing. I would love to be your Valentine! Remember when we used to give everyone in the class a Valentine's card? I miss those days. It's always great to be able to create something meaningful, even when life is at its most difficult. "Mini victories", like a painting in the face of adversity continue to give me hope. I've been writing a book, songs and learning new tricks on guitar, but I wanted to update you on my art life too.
  • Valentine's Gift Ideas from my paintings If you are a Pinterest Fan, click here or the image below to buy "Red Art" -  (If you are not a Pinterest person, scroll down and click on the gift images to go to Fine Art America, where you can order items directly.) There's a pretty red bridge painting in a tropical setting which I recently made for my folks and you too can enjoy this as a print or on gifts and apparel.

Buy these items with 1 - click now @ Fine Art America

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