Rainbow Crystal Cocktails - Photography Series

Feb. 14-18, 2020
"Crystal Rainbow Cocktails II" Photo by Colleen M. Proppé
I have created a fun, new series of brightly colored photographs that are inspired by the "Colleen Waterford Crystal" collection and my creative and sunny Grandmother.

Click here to view the Collection on Fine Art America

My Grandmother's Birthday was February 15th, so she was a Valentine's baby. I was thinking about her on Valentine's Day when I pulled one of the pieces of glassware from the hutch. She took me on my first boat ride in NYC where we drank "Cosmos"(Cosmopolitans) and had a view of the Statue of Liberty. It was many years ago, but she loved me enough to take me out on the town, to art museums, and she collected this special crystal set for me. This was such a thoughtful gift to give her only granddaughter, one piece at a time, over the years. Since my name is Colleen, she collected the "Colleen" Irish Waterford Crystal pieces.
"Rainbow Fruit Cocktails" Photo by C. Proppé
Living in California the last 28 years, I never took glassware with me because I feared earthquakes and never wanted this to be damaged. We are in such different times now, and many couples do not collect china and crystal any more. It was very common in my Grandmother's generation, and I was hoping to honor her in some small way by photographing the pieces and possibly painting from the images. However, as I took the photos, I realized they are beautiful on their own.

I used Color Garden plant-based food coloring and water to create rainbow-colored water, and I added what fruit and veggies I had in the fridge to make these "mock-tails" appear like a rainbow of real cocktails in this vintage crystal. This was a lot of fun and I enjoyed editing the photos in Photoshop apps and uploading them to Fine Art America where you may purchase prints, gifts and cards. I think they will make a great collection of images for people that love rainbows, color, and need art for a restaurant, nightclub bar, home bar decor, or are celebrating a Birthday, Special Event, Irish Rainbows and Hope, Pride, etc...

"Cherry on Top" Photograph by C. Proppé

On Valentine's Day I put organic Kombrewcha in my glass, and added a cherry for fun. That was how I celebrated my Grandmother, and I think of her often. She was an anesthesiologist and an amazing creative spirit. She loved making up knitting patterns, needlepoint, and she could sew anything. She was Swedish and she loved traveling the world and world culture. I was so lucky to have such a wonderful Grandmother. I miss her very much. She was a great friend to me.

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