Art on SFMuni 2020

February 4, 2020

Last July, I entered the San Francisco Beautiful MUNI Art contest. It was a fun opportunity to be inspired by poetry from poets in The Poetry Society of America. The poem I chose was by Tess Taylor, "Train through Colma". Her poem is about daydreaming from the train, and it speaks of apricot trees, orange pixels and rippling ponies (read it online here).

I wanted to create something vivid that would stand out on the train from a distance, and make passengers happy. I used a large piece of recycled board and painted as quickly and vividly as possible on the smooth surface. I later mirrored the image in Photoshop to evoke the digital world versus the natural world. This colorful and bold image works very well for tote bags, textiles and prints, so I have added it to a collection online for art gifts and green gifts that give back to the earth. I was not selected this time, but the winners were announced and may be viewed online here.

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"Apricot Tree" Onesie. (Image painted for SFBeautiful MUNI Art 2020).

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