Contrasting Colors (On Election 2016)

It's quiet here
So shockingly quiet
the absence of noise 
after a storm
after anger unleashed
after faces fell frozen 
tilted downward
or looking outward
shouting, desperate
like baby birds
only beaks and eyes
open screaming
famished, not able to move
begging to be handed the morsel that would fix the burning ache, remove the loss
Pardon friends on the other team, who laugh at those in pain

But here,
a hummingbird sits still on a branch,
disguised as a leaf
staring out at a blue canvas
warm, tiny, still
for two whole minutes
before a larger bird darts in
little chirps decorate the silent
like music in a city
where the contrast to a dense soundscape
is astounding
yet comforting.
We need contrasting views just as there are contrasting colors against the sky.
But let us remember nature and music save us when humanity can't compromise enough to share brushes and paint peace on the same mural.