Wearing Your Ring of Gyges

The secret ring
you give to me
it's magic instills the power
of thought, song and word
a way to love you
through the music
I put on the ring
and disappear into your world
I am suddenly wide eyed
stalking the next connection
to your heart
Searching inside where the ghosts
chase me
I run after your words
Is this real?
Is this a dark realm
Should I take off the ring?
Will I miss a secret world
a message from you
a beautiful phrase
in time
a metaphor that makes me cry
out love into the dark
empty night
stretched fingers to the sky
trying to reach you
like a lovely longing lady
curving as she reaches for the players in a band
on stage in colored lights
I know it must end as the light comes
to my window
The ring slips off
falls to the carpet below
sinks into the soft fibers
an alarm rings
she thinks of getting to work on time
back in the other world
she has lost her prince of darkness

Part of a Creative Writing Project: Letters to Geographer 2015-2016

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