Weak in the Knees

Googled weak in the knees
saw a picture of bodies
They looked like trees
scattered in a forest of disbelief

You've made me change
you've made me rearrange
pretty much
every single day
since I met you

So, the legs on the person
Struck with love
Are blue, with all the blood
running up above
up in their head and heart
with nothing left for a quick start
no way to escape
being in love's like date rape

You're stuck in another frame of mind
the world stops and you're transfixed in time
your knees get weak
and you fall under a spell
go ahead and google it yourself
There's nothing left to do
Cause my orthopedic surgeon says
I must be into you

Part of a Creative Writing Project: Letters to Geographer 2015-2016

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