Universal Donor

Good Morning
I miss you
I'm leaving my blood in San Francisco, to wit
Only the purest life giving fluid
Full of immense hope
From a country girl
burning at the end of her rope
Universal donor, here I come
giving it all away just for fun
just another day for me to believe
I make a difference as I bereave
the state of the planet is a bloody mess
So stick my arm as I confess
I've been in love with your prince
Of darkness and ghosts
He's the drug I love the most
But my blood is clean
I've not had a drop to drink
Not a smoke, a pill or an IV

I'm coming to give Oh negative
I'm donating to the universe
So you can live
Take my blood, San Francisco
for I left my heart in the valley at the Rickshaw Disco

Part of a Creative Writing Project: Letters to Geographer 2015-2016

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