The Big One (Pop Song)

I am up too late
God I hope it's fate
I asked you for a song
you sent one to sing a long--to
worried I will faint
scared I will be late
dreaming you're beside me
touch, touching my body
I don't care any more what they'll say about me,
I don't care any more cuz I got it all for you,
And I'm gonna give it,
I'm gonna sing out,
I'm gonna dance and scream and shout,
Baby I want you,
I'm Shakin like tremor coming out of no where
I'm hoping you'll be my lucky 7
The Big One In San Francisco
We can shake together
sing this song out loud
baby there be aftershocks 
that hurl us to the ground
You are my 7.0
you are my fear
you are the whole wide world 
crumbling as you whisper in my ear
I want you so bad
I'm wetter than the sea
I'm only scared this crazy
old fool is dreaming
and you will not want me.
oooooo baby, aftershock
You are the Big One
You are my 7.0
Duck in here with me
Cover me with kisses 
Hold on tight
Don't let go
It's a wild ride tonight
It's the time of our lives
Baby, I love you
Scared as psycho
Loud as feedback screeching in my ear--
Let's shake it up in San Francisco
Baby, be my Big One tonight.

Part of a Creative Writing Project: Letters to Geographer 2015-2016

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