Take me Away, Just Like a State

Geographer, take me away
Quickly, lightly, gently
Whip me into shape
Just like a State

Perhaps a mitten
Maybe Michigan
or a beard in profile 
Dipped in the Atlantic
like Italy and Adratic
Lift me up
like wild blueberries in Maine
Champagne in California
I will not complain
Any place will do, dear
Any place is better
I'm always smiling brighter
whenever we're together

Fly me away
Paris, Verona or Oahu 
How I dream of being airborne
With clouds and landscapes around you
I'm missing your mountain kisses
Your long highway drives
I'll take the path to least resistance
An atlas, map or rhyme
Just ride with me, baby
Endless motion one more time

Swim with me
Float into the mystic
Seas of green and blue
The Atlantic or Pacific
Lilting waves in Jersey
Knock us to the sand
We'll chase memories of our childhood
up and down the eastern seaboard

Sail with me
I long to be that free
Sky above and sea below
Sheets reflected shadows
Maybe in Rhode Island
On a lake in New Hampshire
or Vermont
Shapes triangulating
Bright white edges
taught or waving
in the wind
A trip upon the water 
An idyllic luscious, liquid-y spin

Run with me
Until our legs ache
Race me down hill in the woods
Until our waters break
Creeks flow through green trees
Rocks with scattered leaves
Sticks and trails
legs branched and frail
walking here until the end of time
Accompany me on pretty paths sublime

Take me away from here
Move my hopes into the clear
Let's go on endless trips of joy
I'm so in love with your possibilities, boy
Take me away
Whip me into shape
Just like a State

Part of a Creative Writing Project: Letters to Geographer 2015-2016

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