Paranoid and Freaked Out

I'm paranoid and freaked out
I definitely can't sleep
cuz this crazy hipster band
has made a fool of me

They're messing with my tunes
They're messing with my car
They put a dead battery in
And made me drive it far
They cranked up the heat in the driver's seat
They turned off the defog
They spirited away through the moon roof
Where I could finally see the stars

I'm feeling like a rag doll
Now put through the wash
My clothes are wet and ragged
My skin practically worn off

Love is like a carrot
buried in the ground
No matter how deep you bury it
it's color will not drown
It's "Orange you glad I love you"
"Yell-ow, it's time to go"
"Green with envy, honey"
Sweet bands of Indie-go

Tell me why the house feels haunted
Wanna buy a used coin?
David is a Goliath salesman
All the Mike's are running away

My friend wants me to pack the car up
Make it disappear
They want me to do a puzzle
See if I will drink a beer
What in the world is going on
I don't get it at all
My flight leaves at noon tomorrow
And I can't sleep a wink at all

The kids are going to miss me
They really need my help
I am stuck inside my own mind
Hyperactive by default

I can't slow down very easily, but singing helps keep me calm
I hear the words and Rythm and then I'm not afraid at all

Singing in my car
Dancing in the dark
Spinning at the concert
All alone with a busted heart
But my head is full of colors
Lights are my dearest friends
They shine and keep me moving
I'll never be out of work again

Part of a Creative Writing Project: Letters to Geographer 2015-2016

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