Not Your Groupie (Humor)

No, no, no, that's not me
I'm definitely not your groupie
I don't want musicians just for sex
What kind of thing will you dream up next?

Just because I have a son that looks like him
And happens to be a twin
He thinks my whole scene's
Right out of Billy Jean

Find me a better way to communicate
E-mail sucks for trying to relate
Stars these days are so confusing
They like you online
Then block you for abusing
They think you're hot
Then they'll call you crazy
What's the point in trying
When they're buttery and flaky

These music men
They're full of songs
to hook you in and string you along
but once you've gone to every concert
they want you to leave
and not have dessert
They'll sing you one thing
But mean another
Plague you with nightmares
Turn your heart to thunder

Boom, Crash, Clap,
Here's your heart attack
Rockstar hook claws down your back
Evil eyes, seducing then excuse-ing
Run girls, run
Just turn your back
Cuz you're not the one he really wants
But he loves to sing of haunts
He'll suck your funds dry
Like a rat who knows the trap
He'll milk you til you cry
He's a singer in an app

Part of a Creative Writing Project: Letters to Geographer 2015-2016

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