Middle Country Blues (Sad Song)

Oh, how I wish you could see me
for who I have been
Once at the top of my game
Young, happy and with friends
But today, I am hungry
Packing my things to move back in
the room with the mattress
at the bottom I confess
job is not here yet and I can't
No matter how much I love you
I can't afford a place to rest just yet
All I have is my body and soul
My love of nature and the open road

Take me with you, beautiful song
Along life's trials, right or wrong
Rhymes, photos, tea and sobriety
Gifts I am left with in the Middle Country

Selling my horse today and downgrading to a donkey 
Leaving the quiet house
to return to guest humility 
I am but a missionary
A traveler between homes
Spreading the word of
Mothers often end up alone

When cruel men refuse to share
When women are not retrained
It is brutally unfair
Teacher, writer, stranger
Is this where I belong?
I don't know the answers
I only know the songs

Part of a Creative Writing Project: Letters to Geographer 2015-2016

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