Make it Rain

OMG, it's FREE for all ages!
Perhaps this is the concert that will save us?
August 5th in Sacramento
The boys and I can all go!
How exciting is this fact
She smiles and promises to keep on task
She will write and illustrate two books:
One for kids
One for adults
She had no clue that meeting this man
Would turn her into so much more than a fan
A writer; through and through
Because words continue to flow from her now more than colors do
She put her painting on hold for a while
After she fell for his Chesire Cat smile
She promised to be fearless
She resolved to write about herself
No matter how embarrassing the results turned out
She lays alone
a fool on the hill
realizing she can no longer go a moment without committing free will
She prays this might be the place
He admits to hurting her
To try to save his own pretty face
She still wants to believe they will be  friends
But she just doesn't know what he's up to, so she tries to be patient with him
Hopefully, he realizes she did it all as a friend, and in all honesty, was only in love
Never "out to get him"
What will happen next?
Nobody knows, but the last time she tried to see him, it rained AND it snowed. 

Only God can make it rain, 
they say
Maybe why it rained on her wedding day
Back in 1997
She married in Maine
On a Lake in the pouring rain.

A rainy wedding is lucky
Why do they say this at all?
What message comes through, 
when it rains so bold and true?
Does rain wash away sins 
or cast new lovers into spins
Whirling under covers
Finally true lovers
Make it rain
Make it rain
Make it rain

Part of a Creative Writing Project: Letters to Geographer 2015-2016

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