Love is Love

She picks up the pen again
She doesn't understand
She tries desperately to reach him
but she doesn't think she can
Feeling lonelier than she's ever felt before
She vows to write down what she's going through
and try to save her soul

She knows he's trying to hurt her
She knows he already has
She tried to prove she'd do anything to ride along with his band
But he took it way too far
She thinks he just wants her to fly away
She thought she'd met her match
But he thinks she was only Stryking a flame

She can't believe so many things
How could she fall in love with someone so cruel?
Why is he using her confessions against her when they were only meant as lovers tools?
How can she escape this madness and express all she's going through?
She returns to her art and draws his face
It's sad and full of waving hands
fans trying to touch the joy
when they love their favorite band
but she fell in love with him
she really truly did
she knows because she was willing to die for him
but instead she picked up the pen
she clutched a brush
she screamed it out in writing
that it really is true love
but she feared it was falling
on the ears of the very young
she feared he sabotaged her
truly just for his own fun

How twisted can one human possibly be?
A star shining so bright is really satan, dancing by candlelight
He turns my own words against me
He shows me I am the devil too
Well, ok dark stranger
Now that we've got that out of the way
How about we renew?
Release the bitter anger you're feeling all pent up inside
It ain't nothing but a last ride
Down the river
with a black dog 
fetching sticks at your side

Love is love
Unless it's not
Sometimes people are cruel
Playing tricks because hate is all they've got
She remembers the miracle
How she cried with joy
Realizing happiness
Radiating from a musical boy

She's freaked out by being born with a pretty face
She thought it was a blessing
But it feels more like disgrace
She thinks of Joan of Arc
But she doesn't want to burn at the stake
Or cut her hair, or lock up her gate

She wants to be with others
who understand what she's going through
Maybe there's a star out there
or another pretty face that's true
With a soul that matches her own
So they can understand what hell they've both been through

She knows her own sons will always have music 
She knows they both have a gift
and will have to learn how to use it

She taps out her last thoughts
into the dark night
prays to God to bring her love
for herself so she can write
She hates how she feels beaten up
Love is not a victory march
but she thought it wasn't savage
She wants a new start
She wants a peaceful passage

Part of a Creative Writing Project: Letters to Geographer 2015-2016

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