Idiot Monopoly

I've been an idiot
Monopolized your time
I'm losing my ability to rhyme

I want a fresh start
in a new neighborhood
I don't hate your heart
I never could

I just got inspired
By the wave you were singing
I was ready to swim alone
But now the phones are not ringing

The time goes so slow
I feel depressed
For you still won't be near me
When all I wanted was a friend

Who'd go for a walk
Take the time to call
Not throw me around the city 
like a broken rag doll
I'm tired
I hurt
I'm coming down hard
I don't feel better
I feel run over and charred
I am sincerely sorry
For all that's transpired
I don't want to be angry
Frozen or wired

I want a new drug
One that won't tease me and bully
Da cat's paper cup song is surely not thrilling
I don't think I'm leaking
But maybe just sad
That we couldn't work something out better
So we'd all feel glad
Why hurt people when you could try to help?
You told everyone about me so I had no chance at Yelp
Double you, too Oh
was the prank from hell
Stranger and Stranger, Alice fell
She reached out for her map
Wishing for true direction
but all that was revealed was anger
and lack of affection

Here we are again
I ask you from rock bottom
Can you help lift me or move me
With a company that values wild startups?
I am a 40 something startup
Ready to begin again
All I ever wanted 
Was a new best friend
In a city with lights 
to begin again

Help me, Geographer
I'm a great swimmer
and now I'm much thinner
There has to be a place
for me where I'm loved 
as a sinner
Oh, church you say
Yes, the place I can go
To really confess

I wish I could do that
I wish it would help
I don't feel it will
God's no thrill

No one's laughing at God, Geographer
But how I pray for your van to take me further
Further into a place where I can be self sufficient 
And put away this Alice in Wonderland business

Part of a Creative Writing Project: Letters to Geographer 2015-2016

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