I'd Throw My Phone Off the Bridge for You

I really wish I could feel you here
Wish I could make it absolutely clear
there's no one else I'd rather have near
whispering so softly in my ear
I don't care about rectangles
with their light up screens
All I want is you and nothing else in between 
I just want your kiss to like me
I just want your arms to be friends with me
None of this silly online friending will do
I don't need 300 people I've met since Nursery School
There's only one truth
There's only one you
who will lay down beside me and like me til I'm new
I wish I could fly to you
Sing, sing, sing out loud
Drive to the Gate
For Heavens Sake
I really dislike what I'm suffering through
I'd truly throw my phone off the bridge for you
Yes, I'd truly throw my phone off the bridge for you
..if it would mean you'd put your arms around me
Sit beside me
Read aloud to me
Cause all I've ever wanted is you
I want you unplugged more than any online view

I want you unplugged beside me on a deserted island
With nothing else to do
Because you're simply all I need in my life, a sweet singing man
With no online plans
My Unplugged special friend
Let's recharge together again
Far away from all the buttons marked Send
Far away from the feeling that everything's just pretend...

Let's lay down together and recharge naturally my friend.

Part of a Creative Writing Project: Letters to Geographer 2015-2016

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