I am shaken beyond time
with the love that flows out of me
I have no other desire than to see
you again
My body continues to burn
shedding layers
lighter and lighter
I shake and tremor
I am completely out of my mind
with passion for the love of a man
and his voice
when your songs cue up
my whole body prepares to take you in
intoxicated with aural pleasure
I can't explain it to anyone
I am alone in love
they see but don't understand
all I can do is ask you
will you help me if I fly
into your window
and get stuck inside
unable to find the escape hatch
I will keep crashing into the glass
again and again
until you embrace me gently
cupping me in your palms
holding me inside
like a hummingbird
tiny, green and quivering
you take me to the window
overlooking the rolling hills
and you release me
I fly
free at last
back into the verdant Spring
surrounded by the light
wildflowers and ocean waves
we are home

Part of a Creative Writing Project: Letters to Geographer 2015-2016

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