Hospital Angels (Nursing Ryhme)

Dear angel dying here in a bed of white
I stare upon your curled and bloody toenails in midday light
A dangling man outside the window is doing noisy repairs
I'm writing in your chart, recording bodily affairs
You are wasted, leaving soon and I'm but a student nurse
Assessing your cocoon
Nothing about your body tells me of your life
Were you once loved?
Were you somebody's wife?
Where are your children?
Why aren't they here helping with your strife?
Doctor comes in,
stands over your head,
Talks to you like a scolding mother
"Why didn't you take care of yourself, 
You're a wreck like no other!"

Man in the next room won't take his medicine
We put it in ice cream and try once again
He spits a mouthful of pink into my teacher's hair
Being a Nursing teacher is truly unfair

Perhaps this is why the teacher takes to pranks
Makes a student assess a patient who's already crossed the gate
She watches to laugh as the girl learns with horror
this body is dead
Now in rigor-mortir

Lovely cancer stricken mother
surrounded by husband and daughter
I help you as much as I can
I am your latest fan
You are here for the last time
With true love to help you decline
I wish I was funny and could make you laugh
I have no words
I'm cut in half 

My twins are three and in childcare
I stumble in these white shoes
Believing death is truly unfair
I want to run from the hospital
I can't do this work
God give me something palpable

Give me art, music and dance
Give me life outside happenstance 
Give me a lush green field in May
A forest of pines with flitered rays
Let me live
Let me sing
I'll do anything

Let me live
Let me love
I can't leave this earth without heaven above

Let me live
Let me stay
I won't leave this earth without ecstasy

Part of a Creative Writing Project: Letters to Geographer 2015-2016

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