Heroes of Ones and Zeroes

It's a little after 9am
I am still here with him
Dad told me to leave him alone
But I can't get him out of my phone
No, I can't get him out of my soul
They say the best love is insane
so after 50 First Dates, why complain?
I woke up and he'd sent me a Johnny Cash tune
Ragged Old Flag flew across the room
He says I'm in good shape for the shape I'm in
and he's proud of me for persevering and not giving in
I started listening to his music and he changed me for the better
My heart really wants to stay with him forever
My mind is solid in it's belief that writing our story is the only release
If I give up now, I go back to jobs I detest and can't even do them as well as the rest
I need job retraining
I need so many new skills
My heart overflows as I see tents on the hills
I talk to strangers, hand out oranges on the streets
I smile, I give a little relief
I do the same for you, my friend
I wake up, I hear your call
I can't stop writing
because we have connected through it all
through this madness of ones
and zeros
we have become heroes--
Through this madness of ones
and zeros
There are no real rules
There are fools who hate
Fools who don't discriminate
Fools who share cats, selfies and hats
Fools who dance and fine acrobats
Where do we fall into place
in this imaginary yet real space?
What we choose to say and do
Makes a difference, through and through
we have become heroes
Through this madness of ones
and zeros

Part of a Creative Writing Project: Letters to Geographer 2015-2016

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