He Sings of Fools, I'm One Too

What am I doing in skinny jeans?
I'm nowhere near 17
Dancing around town like a disco queen
I know every Indie song by Yeasayer and Soft White Sixties

I'm staying with a family and 3 black cats
A happy household with lots of laughs
The cats, named Wheels, Chase and Quinn,
It's the start of my story 
as a 40 something, single woman

I've been looking for work
Every single day
Nobody here wants me to stay
All I've got is popcorn, my bike and phone
Electric lights, heartache and a man who likes to roam

Coyote runs away from me every chance he gets
A smile, a wink and a song
then he's off into the woods and moving along
Streams and footprints separate our years
Rain poured down like fire when I tried to tell him I loved in fear-
I couldn't possibly be what he wanted
Older, bolder, more ghosts and haunted
Ex-lovers and children already grown, playing keys and tunes of their own
Oh, God, bring me this man
Bring me this band
I am in love and I'm his sweetest fan
Honey, chocolate, lollipops
We sang tunes of the Candy shop
We cried when the wild Gene passed away
He gave us glass elevators and tickets to play
But times have changed a bit
We use armbands for entry
and less sugar to stay fit

The only thing I want is to follow this man
He makes my life feel like a new world again
It's all that matters
He's all I need
Please God, bring my piano man to me
Saxaphone, too
Let him wail and dance
I want to listen
I want romance
I'm getting older
Changing my tunes
But I'll keep this one close
Who sings of Fools

Part of a Creative Writing Project: Letters to Geographer 2015-2016

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