Goldilocks & The Three Beards (Explicit)

Goldilocks went in to town
trying to track her dinner down
This beard here,
oh, it's too small
There's barely even scruff at all
This beard here, No... no, no
It's thicker than Santa without any snow
But wait, oh look at this one here!
It's the perfect beard and I'm plagued by fear
For beneath the whiskers on this man are the lips that drip with waves
from a siren man
His voice captures youth in a cup
and I always slurp every drop up
He dances before me, I crave his romance
And can't wait to strip
and remove my pants
this one is fun
this one could last
he's talented
and sneaky
and I know 
how to dance
Oh, yes, siren man
you are all right
Take me upstairs to see if the bed fits just right. ;)

Part of a Creative Writing Project: Letters to Geographer 2015-2016

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