Friendship Park

Meet me in Richmond at Friendship Park
Let's take a stroll along the Bay
Hold hands into the dark
We'll leave our past behind us
Take the Richmond Plunge
and watch lights from the bridges
glow starry-eyed into the sun 

We've come along way together, baby
Watched miners lose their gold
Surfed Santa Cruz beaches til we were cold
Lost black pearls in San Jose
never won the game of love
But there's still time for one more drive on the Bohemian Highway

Find a car that works for you
Don't tell everyone what you do
Keep your secrets to yourself
Maybe there's honey in the window
on the kitchen shelf
Maybe we've still got time to turn these dirty streets into pretty rhymes

Call me when you're home at night
We can go dancing any time you'd like
Or down to the river in your favorite spot where the bridge touches the pines over a sandy lot
Fish are fading away so fast
But our friendship is here to last, girl
Our friendship was built to last

Let's take another drive out to Friendship park
The sky is pink candy in a bluebird's mouth
Boys in their cars playing their favorite tunes
But you and me, baby
We will dance the path of love
Under the Richmond moon
We will dance the path of love
Under the Rich man's moon

Part of a Creative Writing Project: Letters to Geographer 2015-2016

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