Firefighter Love Song

I can't conceal my love for you
My lips quiver, eyes are hazed
My skin's a roaring blaze
I need a fire escape
Or I'll burn down this place
You look my way and there go the sirens
Ringing out loud and red like stop signs
I'm a 3 alarm fire, burning hotter 
kindled quick by your firestarter

Don't you dare run away from me this time,
you'd better extinguish what you began to rhyme,
Smoke is rising from my ears
Heat builds from deep inside
You lit this eternal funeral pyre
Expecting me to die
But I'm here for you
I'm not running back inside

Ghosted but not gone
Singing another love song
I know it won't be long
Until you carry me away in your arms
Fighting true fires with sound waves
Will surely put a fireman in his grave

If I were your firefighter
I'd live life a whole lot brighter
but Fighting life without you, friend
Is not a party I ever want to attend

Part of a Creative Writing Project: Letters to Geographer 2015-2016

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