Finding Dory (Song)

I am a lot like Dory
I forget my last story
I am impulsive and live in the moment
Because my past was painfully bent

Just keep swimming
Just keep swimming
You're going to find new friends
If you just keep swimming ahead

If Dory found a band
She'd sing and dance with them
She wouldn't worry her pretty head
"Yield to the present" a Buddhist gem

You see, I am whatever religion you want me to be
I was raised with Christ, saved by Buddha and spent 10 years with an atheistic no such coulda

I feel ultimately confused by your rouse
Please dear friend
I know you mean well
Just come join me
I won't kiss and tell

I'd leave this world for you
and truly, I already have
I live in my own mind
with joy and confidence

Books, music, wheels and art
The only tools you'll ever need 
To map a path around my heart
Read to me
Play some tunes
Spin your wheels
I'll Paint the room
Just keep swimming, friend
You'll always make me swoon

Part of a Creative Writing Project: Letters to Geographer 2015-2016

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