Epic Nesting Fail (Angry, Explicit)

I have never felt more certain
It's time to close the curtain
I come home to nest just one day a week
You're suppose to leave me alone
But you want to see my breasts
You outrageously confess

Next time I come in through the kitchen door
You have the nerve to announce
my ass looks good in yoga pants
You're in denial yet I'm crawling with ants

Then I leave my glasses inside
and your anger won't subside
you don't let me in to search for them

Next weekend, I try to return alone to see my sons
the Playboy issue's on the bed, making my brain come undone
It's a sexual nightmare that's really not fair
As I've tried to leave for many years

But never have I guarded my money and protected myself
Now I am learning the hard way that self preservation is not about sex
It's about having enough money
To leave your ex

What an ass you have been to me
And your stupid eyes just can't see
Stop being a dick and leave my body out of this
Call the attorney and work out the end
Or your soul will never be free again
This is an epic nesting fail
This is the end of my mind
The nest is for the children
Your advances cease to rhyme
Birds stay in the nest for only a matter of time

Part of a Creative Writing Project: Letters to Geographer 2015-2016

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