El Mercado

El Mercado by the neon lady
she spies the people walking by
through silhouette leaves
I drive past weeping willows
in Dolores Park
Two trees on the grassy hill
but there's nowhere to park
I realize again tonight
how incredibly alone I have been
in my life
Being green, being a mother
it's as if time passed me by
As if I missed the chance to see The night life
I'm lost here
All I pretend to know is you
But you pretend not to know me too
So it feels even darker
As I see couples embrace on the bus
riding bikes together
holding hands
walking with a group of friends
It seems so easy for them
and I guess I really wouldn't care if I could be with you
I don't mind being square
like the neon lady
just a face with a stare
Her heart is really elsewhere.

Part of a Creative Writing Project: Letters to Geographer 2015-2016

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