Divisadero Ride

no reason to stay trapped inside
just fly
get the car keys
drive into the city tonight

go, just go
the music's on so dance
hips moving in the dark
it's a perfect time to start
loving your life
so just dance on into the night

they can't know how far
we are apart
I drive across the bridge
your face singing a la cart
industrial orange lines 
burn against blue green sea
sing to me
let me go
drive me to San Francisco

iMap says take Lombard to Van Ness
f*ck that boring traffic mess
turn Right on Divisadero
up into the hills, climb, climb, climb
Crest the top and rewind time
City lights melting away pain
from my mind
Downward drive
rollercoaster ride
I imagine you beneath me
and we're feeling fine
oh so fine and swaying in the night

Passing The Mill
what a thrill to imagine 
eating there with you
only tempted
but not fullfilled
I crave this world
I've only glimpsed into
a Presidio working girl
Divided by a street, me and you

Where was that dart board bar
the Vietnamese restaurant on Clement
why do I want to go everywhere
you have been
I'm not sure we're even real friends
you've teased me so everywhere I go
that my mind's spinning like
the Church
8 wheels and Disco
lights flashing all around
Fell Street Bound

Tell me, San Francisco
where's a single loner girl to go
when all she knows is this hipster music fellow
this tempting man
with indie band
sharing stories with so much glory
intrigue, mystery
All she wants to do is escape to you
follow your feed
until she bleeds

she climbs to the top of Twin Peaks
On his scent like a mad dog
roaming the city in heat
she cries out into the night
help me God
I'm alive
Bring this smart Middlebury guy
back right now and into my life
cause I know I can't survive
with out his Divisadero ride

Part of a Creative Writing Project: Letters to Geographer 2015-2016

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