Concert in the Park

You looked so peaceful tonight in the park
Dark leaves, silhouettes swaying
Breezy melodies after dark
Surrounded by trees and warm open space
Towering clock kept time with your face
You played and sang and danced
Your perfect moves recorded to last
So I can remember
Us being together

You reached out to touch a child recording your show
How it touched my heart so deeply that you did just so
I stood up front to show I cared
Even if it might have been a dare
I did what my soul told me to do
I had to be there just for you

I helped a lady with wheels find her shawl
She had to leave early right through the crowd
I cleared a path for her to go
I thought about how kindness makes me feel closer to you
You touched a child, I helped her through

Why am I so drawn to your songs
Why do I keep following along
What makes me dare to do these things?
Just because you once smiled at me?
I know it's so much more than this
I know it's not just wishing for a kiss
It's that you move me far away
Far from the places I don't want to stay
You make me explore the world
You relocate me with a map
I'm learning to live alone
How to travel to your heart
and then find my way back

Dear sweet man, my favorite path
Teach me how to make love last
for every one who came before you
has been nothing as special or as true
Life is so short and real friends so few
Pretty colors in the dark
Light us up and feel the spark
Move our bodies across the map
Go where love takes you, don't look back

Part of a Creative Writing Project: Letters to Geographer 2015-2016

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