Bohemian Highway

You want to know where I've been
You want to know if we're still friends 
Well, I just had to get away
Drove up the coast yesterday
I'm curing my Summertime Blues on the Bohemian Highway

Ranches and rolling hills inland
Green valleys and cliffs drop to the sea
Endless coves and winding roads
Wave these blues right through me

I'm on a sandy beach with gulls, herons and otter
Turning back the years to
When he was my partner
There's been a long silence since then
Guess this proves it will never mend
I'm singing Summertime Blues from the Bohemian Highway
Where nature is my true love and closest friend

The places we used to go
Only stir ghosts and sorrow
I think of making a new start
With a man I just met
in a place no one expects

How can he want you?
You're a lemon falling apart.
How can he love you?
You even stopped making art.

But what if I love him?
What if he's the ride meant for me?
What if his roadside distraction
Turned into non-stop action?

I'm singing Summertime Blues from the Bohemian Highway
Where nature is the true love I first met
And I'm steering the car my way
I can't give up this fight just yet
I'm gonna place one last bet
I'm running out to the sea
Come in, bearded bohemian
Dive in deep with me

Yes, the water's cold here
But, it's still California dear
You'll never beat the views
It's not about the weather, Baby
It's about love and you're driving me crazy
So let's cure our Summertime blues on the Bohemian Highway and spin  all our favorite tunes
Warm light lays lines through Pacific Oaks
Bending roads blur greens and yellows 
on the highway home with you

Part of a Creative Writing Project: Letters to Geographer 2015-2016

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