Bike Commute Poem (from Nutiva to Clif Bar)

She parked her car at the coconut factory and lifted her bike off the rack
Rode 3 miles over the deep train tracks
Turned at the Marina 
Bumped over wooden planks
rounded the fountain
without any brakes
The warrior poet was moored in it's port
She gave a nod to it's effort in the stationary resort
She smiled at the party, dog walkers and tai chi,
Cruised through the park and out to the sea
There, over the bridge 
Marshes, reeds and white egrets
She felt absolutely no regrets
Her heart open to it all
San Francisco, Berkley, Emeryville and Marin
Cycling everyday was keeping her thin
And smiling, cheering too
As she raced over the hill at Golden Gate Fields
She felt like a jockey, driving her horse to race through
Green shack to green shack,
then over the hill,
fly down along the Bay
Left at tennis courts of play
Right on the Frontage Road
Passed girls playing soccer
A little bit farther and she's back near the water
Pedal right by the fruit stand and up over the bridge
Fields of Gold to behold
San Francisco in the distance
On top of the bridge, she looks down in amazement
Why are so many stuck in a haze when this path to freedom exists up top-
Over the rainbow and through the park

By boats
By strollers
By Frisbee Golf
By the Youth Theater
and exit back out
A little bit further, and cross the tracks
to Emeryville Tech Center and Clif Bar Bike racks

She smiles, feels 10 years younger
Can't understand why she didn't try this sooner
Life is good, but it would be better
If she could convince more people 
to follow her efforts
The highways are clogged and trash is everywhere
But the SF Bay Trail offers something much better
Nature, water, air and sky
Birds and rushes flowing by
Couples strolling hand in hand
Children riding bikes
Runners and kites
It's a better world here, by far
With hope and dreams away from cars
Join me, grab a bike
With electric assist, if you'd like
You won't be sorry
Don't hesitate
because the earth needs this change
or it will be too late
Bike with me
Come fly away
Feel the joy in this change
Wheels spin smiles, relieve pain
Bike with me
Come fly away
Feel delight on natures' pathway

Part of a Creative Writing Project: Letters to Geographer 2015-2016

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