Beach Blues

Oh I went to the beach today
But I'm still not feeling cool
Oh I lay in the dunes today
But I'm still feeling like a fool
Cuz I'm still alone and hungry
and I'm a girl who can't follow any rules

Well, they say well-behaved women rarely make history
Well, I hope that means there's something amazing coming up ahead for me
Cuz I've been laughed at, scorned, tortured and let go,
looked at with eyes like I'm crazier than anyone they know
I've got secrets that only I can understand
Dear God, you're giving me a challenge I truly can not comprehend
So just bring me to the river
Let me wash away my sins

Yesterday at the grocery store
the bagger saw me and sang "Express Yourself" 
the cashier mentioned peaches, 
all while smirking at me, 
as if I was a porn elf
Well, wtf is going on here?
I'm just wearing regular clothes 
Walking near the Gate, 
trying to contemplate
how can I escape this story?
Al I ever wanted was for you to adore me.

Part of a Creative Writing Project: Letters to Geographer 2015-2016

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