Artist, Georgia Annwell, Remembered

Sunday, January 11, 2015
Georgia's Life and Sunset over Mt. Tamalpais  1/11/15 (C.Proppé photo)

Today I attended the memorial for Marin artist, Georgia Annwell.  I met Georgia when I worked at the Marin Arts Council in 2010.  At this point in her life, she was a senior artist and she took the Whistlestop bus to exhibit her art as well as gallery sit at the gallery on 4th Street.  She loved to participate in the shows and get out with people.  She was kind, positive and always smiling.  She exhibited in over 150 shows in just 6 years, from age 69-75.  She also created the three part video documentary series, "Senior Artists of Marin" at the Community Media Center of Marin.  They have just announced that they will name their art gallery after Georgia in memory of her.
View Georgia's "Senior Artists of Marin" videos here:
Video Part 1: Georgia's Portrait Exhibit and Kick off of the Series
Video Part 2: Interviews with Artists in the CMCM Marin TV Studio
Video Part 3:  Georgia Interviews Artists in their Studios

Georgia's life was full, as she was a Nurse, Teacher, Architect and Painter. (Read more here via Marin IJ )Georgia's memorial was well attended and speakers included her dear friends, Kevin Hassell, Dallas Mathers, Lynn Harris, Velda Draper, many nurses she worked with, church members and artists.  Velda read from Georgia's writing, and I want to share her thoughts here, as they truly speak to me at this point in my art career, where I am trying to move away from copying reality and add emotion and individual character to my work.  Georgia wrote:

"Great art challenges not only the viewer, but also the artists who create it.  Most artists paint what they know and do it to the best of their ability.  A few artists take on creative work that challenges their knowledge and reveals their inabilities.  However, when they do overcome this kind of challenge, they realize that the rewards are huge.  Artists who need ongoing reassurance that they are on the right track may miss the opportunity to reach past their comfort zone to experience the thrill of pleasing themselves with a painting that shares the truth of their view of the world." 

- Georgia Anwell

Georgia & Mesa dressed in circus attire for Open Studios at AWD 2012

When I get to a place where I can paint again, I endeavor to work towards this goal of challenging myself by expressing and sharing my thoughts through paint, not just what I see.  I want to thank Georgia for her kindness and the legacy she left of senior artists of Marin.  I left tonight witnessing the most colorful sunset, that only a painter could have dreamed up.  What a fitting natural expression of a creative life that reminds us all to keep learning, growing and painting.  Thank you, Georgia!
Sunset on the Night of Georgia's memorial 1/11/15 (photo: C.Proppé)

Sunset 1/11/15 (photo: C.Proppé)