The Art of Following Directions:
Back to the Drawing Board

Sept 22, 2014

I am back at school this semester- Academy of Art University, San Francisco... taking an advanced Packaging Design Class that addresses sustainable packaging.  I have learned so much in just a couple weeks... One of the most important things to note is that when the teacher asks for 8-12 sketches of something, you better give them that many sketches.  I am playing catch up now, but it's been great to learn new tools.  In fact, here is my first class project IN PROGRESS... I still have 4 weeks to go to perfect this "Designer Paint Can" project.  The great thing is that I finally am using ISSUU... I am slow to get to these great tools, but here is my start:

I need to do about 6 more sketches like these... and then 12 of the font identity treatment... Back to the drawing board it is...

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