The Art of the Dog Days of Summer

Stamford Harbor Light from Lucas Point, OG, CT
August has marked a slower period of deep longing and reflection for me as an artist.  Finishing contract work with an organic pet product company in Marin, I interviewed for new design positions in two organic beverage companies.  These jobs are wonderful, but few and far between with lots of competition.  However, what I enjoy most about interviews is how much they educate me; I learn about each company, their mission, branding, people and I am able to take online courses that train me in additional areas I might be lacking.  I have some classes lined up to take on a, and have gathered lots of ideas for new paintings.
1960's vintage Columbia Cruiser (1st Bike I rode on with my Mom)
Visiting family on the East Coast has allowed me to exercise more and enjoy the lush green New England colors.  I run or bike at Tod's Point almost daily, or get a chance to kayak on the sound.  My favorite day on the water was a solo kayak ride out and around the Stamford Harbor Light.  
Stamford Harbor Lighthouse, Long Island Sound
A pair of ospreys have set up residence in a large nest at the top.  I watched as one flew to the breakwater and gathered sticks to add to the nest.  They are such majestic seabirds.
Osprey photo from Wikipedia
I did not have a camera on the water, which is probably a good thing; I lost my Garmin Vivofit bracelet on this paddle- I never even saw it fall off.  I had it on the way out to the lighthouse, but did not have it on the way back--perhaps the ospreys will find it and weave it into their nest? ;)
Scuplture 350 by Deborah Butterfield ©1990
Depicts horses "Valentine and Orson"
Gift to the Town of Greenwich on 350th Anniversary, 1990

I spent a day at The Bruce Museum in Greenwich with my creative 12 year old, Blake. We stopped to feed the horse sculptures in Bruce Park on the way.  These were dedicated to the Town of Greenwich on it's 350th anniversary in 1990.  The sculptures look like found wood, but are cast and welded bronze by Deborah Butterfield.
Alois Kronschlaeger, "Grid Structure #1" 2014 Site Specific Installation, Bruce Museum, Greenwich, CT
The Bruce Museum has several shows on exhibit right now, our favorites being the work of Roz Chast, New Yorker cartoonist, and a group exhibit of Beijing and New York artists (above, Blake circles a piece by New York artist, Alois Kronschaeger.  The top of this work, in black and white is meant to mimic the black and white art of the Beijing artist that is shown beside this sculpture)  Blake loved the tiny, functional music boxes with player piano rolls painted on the wall behind the music.  I enjoyed laughing out loud with others reading from the humorous panels of Roz Chast's hand-drawn ink and pen and watercolors.  There were also rugs she made depicting her father's breakfast, painted eggs, stamps and her books were available for purchase in the Museum Store.  The laughter was so needed this past week, as we had so much solemn news across the board.

Clouds and Kayaks, Greenwich Point, August 6th, 2014

This trip has been full of sadness for the loss of close friends and those too young.  The first day I rode around Greenwich Point, a local teenage girl was tragically killed in a boating accident.  The photo taken above was just hours before the incident occurred.  It was such a stunning day, and the clouds created the most lovely pattern accross the sky.  The accident has reminded us all of the ephemeral and fragile lives we lead, never knowing what we have or how much time is left.  Then there was the news of Robin Williams passing back in Marin County.  Another wave of mourning moved across social media, and it continues, as people recall the jovial and kind comedian and actor who appears to have felt like family to all of us.  Finally, a personal friend, co-worker and supporter of the arts in Marin County, Sandy Greenblat, passed on in July.  He was a tremendous volunteer, Former President of Art Works Downtown, a board member in many arts non-profits and really helped me with my own career over the past few years.  I can't say enough wonderful things about this man, and I am very sorry he was taken away by cancer so quickly.  He is survived by his wife, artist Marilyn Greenblat, plein-air and studio painter well known for her landscapes and tree paintings in Marin.  Marilyn has been a part of MarinScapes Fundraiser for several years, as well as a member of Art on the Farm.

Spending time with my parents in the summer is always a slower time, reflecting on the past, but this trip has been more melancholy.  Families I grew up with are selling homes.  New families with small children have replaced most of the families I grew up with.  The change feels heavier this time.  My drive to move forward with my own life has been accelerated from this trip, as has my goal to find the right company to dedicate my talents to for the next 5-6 years.
Bicycle Sculpture at Gallery Cavalier, Greenwich Ave, Greenwich, CT

As for my paintings, they will be bigger and continue to focus on cycling, and cows(this comes via request of my Twitter friends, who really love cow paintings).  Look for new works in the Fall, as I work towards new goals.