In the Studio Today: Spring, New Classes + Groups

Welcome, May!  April came and went at light speed.  Wow.   I am excited to be starting a new class in User Experience Design tomorrow in San Francisco, but I wanted to share my April highlights here.  April was a busy month for my work in art coordination, as well as a producing a few new things.  Because I am on Twitter and Facebook most days, I am finding less time to blog.  This is good and bad.  On the upside, my friends know what I am doing all the time and see my posts regularly.  On the downside, I am not sharing my business of art or my daily adventures here with a larger audience. I also don't have a written journal of my activities that the blog format offers us for posterity and the future.  It is easier to trace and look back for a blog post, where a Tweet or FB post is just a passsing moment that is harder to search and share at a later date.

April's Successes...

1.  Art on the Farm

I have worked with the group, Art on the Farm, for almost 7 years now.  I started their group this year, and we have a growing population of new artists from San Francisco, Marin and the East Bay.  It's great to see how allows us to gather new members so quickly.  We visited Green Gulch Farm and Tara Firma Farm in April. To learn more about this group at

2.  iPad Paintings
iPad Painting done with Brushes App-- Note: this app no longer supports playback to high res!

I have done a couple iPad paintings this month, but learned that the Brushes app no longer supports ability to play back at high resolutions.  I am going to switch to a different app for my digital paintings.

3.  Stemple Creek Ranch Plein Air
My easel out at Stemple Creek Ranch in Tomales, CA on May 1, 2014

I made it out to Stemple Creek yesterday to paint.  Love it there so much.
Stemple Creek Ranch, Tomales

Ran into the California Mille and enjoyed talking to a couple from New York.  They have enjoyed their 4 day tour of California during our heat wave, especially since the winter on the East Coast has been very harsh (they shared).

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