In the Studio Today... My Old Greenwich Gallery

Thursday August 8, 2013
King's Beach, Lake Tahoe 24" x 36" o/c  1991

Not all of us are lucky enough to reach 45 years with two, healthy and adoring parents that can take their grandkids on a cross-country trip to see all the landmarks in the US.  I am really, really grateful for my incredible parents.  Not only have they supported my sons in their education, but my entire life, they have supported my art.  They have put me in art classes, high school summer abroad program in France with Parsons School of Design, and College with a wonderful art program.  They have been my biggest fans, always.  It's pretty amazing to come home to visit and find more than 12 of my paintings on one floor.  I finally have decided that their home is "My Old Greenwich Gallery".

Beach Still Life, painted at Colby College 1990
Lighthouse, Maine  1992
South of France, 1985
South of France, Limited Palette Gauche, 1985

South of France, forest by a castle, 1985 (Gauche)

Vintage Columbia, Gauche

Gospel Flat Farms, Art on the Farm 2008

Rangely, Maine 1997

Matanzas Creek Vineyard o/c 2010

Art on the Farm Paintings, Bolinas, CA

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