In the Studio Today... #throughglass "Oak Echo"

"Oak Echo", photo taken with Google Glass Beta, July 2013 C.Proppé
Starting with nothing and getting to 60 signatures on a petition is hard work!  But this is a great and reaffirming feeling for me, that so many of my friends and those in my community are behind me.  Thank you!  Click here to sign the petition or share it with a friendIf you would like a photo print of the image above that was taken with Google Glass before my device sank into the ocean, please email me and send me your address.  I'm happy to do that for you!

To infinity and beyond!  Well... we only need 40 more signatures, but I can dream, right?

Please sign the petition today, and tell your friends!  It's free to sign, and you can hide your name by clicking a little check box so your information is not seen.  Thanks again for your support.


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