The Art of Glass: Mountain Biking Marin

Mountain Biking Marin with Google Glass from Colleen Proppé on Vimeo.
A Google Glass visit with the Founder of Mountain Biking Marin, Celia Graterol. Mountain Biking Marin offers guided bike tours and corporate trips to ride the best mountain bike trails around the San Francisco Bay Area + Tahoe, as well as customized mountain bike skill clinics.

Wed - Friday July 10-12, 2013
Founder + Instructor, Celia Graterol of "Mountain Biking Marin"
This week, I had the pleasure of riding my bike alongside(well, behind) a former US National Downhill Champ in Mountain Bike Racing.  Celia Graterol is a resident of Mill Valley, and married to the marvelous, "Sally around the Bay".  Sally walked my dog, Mesa, while I followed Celia through shin-scratching chaparral and marveled at her goat-like prowess on rocks that dropped off into the fog.  I have had my days with such rocks, but I am ten years rusty from raising twins... so, Celia is very impressive, also being a mommy and three years my elder.  She is fun and inspiring, and knows all the best legal trails and deer paths in Marin and Tahoe.  She also is known for bringing her Ukelele along on rides, and being from Brazil, she can sing a mean Mariachi tune that will warm your heart after a Summer ride through "Carl the Fog".  Celia founded Mountain Biking Marin in 2002, where she has many instructors who assist her in corporate mountain bike rides, group lessons, clinics and individual instruction.  Check them out!  They have a new website in the works but for now, you can find them here.

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