The Art of Glass: Kayaking with Google Glass

Kayaking Inverness with Google Glass from Colleen Proppé on Vimeo.

July 3-5th, 2013

I took a two day trip to Inverness to take my dog away from the fireworks.  She is terribly afraid of them, and I can't stand to see her suffer.  Good excuse to escape the 96 degrees it was in San Anselmo, and venture out to Inverness, where it was only 76 degrees with a great breeze off the water.  Tomales Bay Resort has wifi all over the large property, and they have several dog friendly rooms.  Mine had a kitchen too, all for less than you might pay for one night in the city.  You can use the money you save to reserve a kayak next door at Blue Waters.  Tomales Bay Resort will even book your kayak trip for you! A great escape from the hot suburbs of Marin during a heat wave.  If you have questions, ask me in the comments.  I've lived in Marin for 18 years now, and this is one of my favorite places to escape to.

Photo taken with Google Glass, beta.  July 4, 2013  Tomales Bay, Inverness

The Wreck of the Old Point Reyes, Inverness.   24" x 36" o/c available

Enjoy these other videos I created using Google Glass:


Toni said...

Looks like a great time. The mix with your art and video are fabulous!

C. Proppé said...

Thank you, Toni! It's really a fun and easy way to share real life and combine it with still images. Google Glass is a ton of fun, and so is kayaking on Tomales Bay!