The Art of Glass: Bike Ride in Marin Watershed

Saturday June 29th, 2013

Today is day 4 beta-testing Google Glass.  See my previous 2 posts for how I picked up Glass in SF, and shared it with 20+ kids so far.  Today, I had the pleasure of a casual, solo mt. bike ride in the Marin Municipal Water District.  I am stoked!  The best thing about GLASS is that it allows me, someone who loves to take photographs, to not have to stop and pull out my camera all the time.  This is HUGE!  Watch the video.  I edited in iMovie this evening.  From bike ride to video, all in one day.  Pretty amazing.  I have included a few of the still shots from Google Glass, below.

Go, Google Glass!  Go iMovie.  Feeling much better after some exercise too.
Left:  Dark, polarized twist-on visor.         Right:  Clear, twist-on visor.

Enjoy these other videos I created using Google Glass:

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