The Art of Glass: 3 Ring Cycles (Day 5 with Glass)

Sunday June 30, 2013

Okay, so this is not what I had planned to record today with Google Glass, but it turned out to be spontaneous and fun.  I ran into my friends Maria and Lindsay in downtown San Anselmo this morning at the bike shop.  They had a table out and free coffee to educate folks about the Cycling benefit ride this September, Best Buddies Challenge.  Lindsay and her daughter, Sidney, have done the ride for the past two years.

I ended up sharing Glass with everyone in the shop, and at Lindsay's suggestion, we made a little video for Facebook to promote their event and shop.  Hope you enjoy it!  Recorded with Google Glass beta version and edited in iMovie.

I also took still photos with Glass while riding my own bike... these are of my sons riding with me downtown this morning.  Here are a few of those:

Enjoy the ride!

Enjoy these other videos I created using Google Glass:

The Art of Glass: Bike Ride in Marin Watershed

Saturday June 29th, 2013

Today is day 4 beta-testing Google Glass.  See my previous 2 posts for how I picked up Glass in SF, and shared it with 20+ kids so far.  Today, I had the pleasure of a casual, solo mt. bike ride in the Marin Municipal Water District.  I am stoked!  The best thing about GLASS is that it allows me, someone who loves to take photographs, to not have to stop and pull out my camera all the time.  This is HUGE!  Watch the video.  I edited in iMovie this evening.  From bike ride to video, all in one day.  Pretty amazing.  I have included a few of the still shots from Google Glass, below.

Go, Google Glass!  Go iMovie.  Feeling much better after some exercise too.
Left:  Dark, polarized twist-on visor.         Right:  Clear, twist-on visor.

Enjoy these other videos I created using Google Glass:

The Art of Glass: Day 2-3 with Google Glass

June 26- 28, 2013

It's been a fantastic two days of learning and fun with Google Glass.

Wednesday Night 6/26:
 I returned on the last ferry from the city.  I found a seat with a plug and charged Glass on the way back home.  As I was exiting the ferry ramps, I snapped this shot.  I am intrigued at the camera's ability to capture night images, and then enhance them with color.  This was straight out of Glass, with no other retouching:
Larkspur Ferry Ramps at Night through Google Glass, June 2013
 As I exited the ramp, I also got my first family asking me, "Is that the Google Glasses?"  Yup... It sure was.  This family was visiting from Florida, and the father and his two daughters both got to try Glass.  Boy, were they blown away.  How often do you meet a stranger in the night with Glass and they offer to let you try it out?  It's very fun to share this new technology.

Thursday, June 27:
Photo taken by an 11 year old, first time using Glass.
I picked my sons up from tech camps in Marin and we headed to the creek with the dog before we had lunch on the street in San Anselmo.  I taught my 11 year old twins to use Glass in Creek Park, and then they each had a chance to take photos and record videos with Glass.  Within moments, both of them were using the basic features with ease.  Here are some of their photos:  Aidan took his first shot of his brother, pictured here in purple.  He also took a pretty nice shot of me, the dog and Blake, with little effort.  Due to the wide angle, it seems hard for kids to cut anyone out of the picture.  Great!
I took a 10 second movie of our dog, on the bridge.  It was easy to put her leash on with my hands free.

Mesa is the best.  It's fun to see her on video.

When I was seated outside of the café for lunch, I had a couple comments, "Cool"... as people walked by and saw the Glass on my head.  Marnie Delaney, owner of Doodlebug stopped by and wanted to give it a try.  She took this photo of me with Glass.  I edited directly in Google +, where Glass automatically backs up the images that you take when you are connected to wifi.  All images, at this point in time, must be shared to Google+, but you may tweet an image with no text, or send an image to Facebook with no text.  I am an iPhone user, and they do not have the app ready yet that will allow me to send better tweets and FB posts straight from Glass.  I have to download the photos and tweet or FB them later if I want to add captions.  This is a huge deal, and it has to be improved and ready before anyone will buy this device in the mainstream market.  People love to share their photos... and they want to do it they way they like, so I look forward to the sharing apps being released.  If you are working on one now, please contact me if you need a beta-tester! (not sure if Google will allow it, but I'm in!)

We took a great video of fish in the San Anselmo Creek yesterday afternoon.  The glasses come with polarized clip on shades, and a pair of clear shades as well.  To extend a video beyond 10 seconds you have to tap the headpiece twice to extend it indefinitely.  I tried to edit this video unsuccessfully(I cut clips off the front and back, but it wouldn't save), so I did not post it.  I hope to find a better way to edit clips and intend to compile an iMovie with many clips from Glass eventually.


I drove to pick up my sons from camp and took a quick snap from the Glass as I crested the hilltop by the Civic Center on the 101.  Here is the result:
Photo taken driving, hands-free with Google Glass.
I was excited to share Google Glass with my sons' computer programming camp.  The kids were learning animation in SCRATCH and they were all really wowed by GLASS.  Of about 20 kids that tried it, all were able to take a photo, record a video and could see the screen really well.  They loved it.  One student, who had his own prescription glasses had a harder time, but he could see the screen when he put Glass over his own glasses.  (I have tried this too, and it is doable.  It's obviously better to wear contacts if you have them at this point, but you can get it to work with glasses.  They will have to work on this element for some people).  One boy mentioned that he felt a little dizzy after trying them.  One girl was very soft spoken, and had a hard time getting Glass to move from the start screen to the second screen where you can initiate a list of voice commands.  (You can also swipe through them with the side bar that is the arm of Glass, but that is harder to teach kids to do in a short amount of time).  The swiping and tapping of the side bar works really well, but it does take some practice to get comfortable with it.  Here is one of my sons, who was in a moviemaking class, being recorded by another student.  It's funny how kids are pros at these things from the instant they use them.  I can definitely confirm today that kids love the photo and video recording aspects of Glass, and they think it is really, really cool.

So... I haven't gotten to try this on my bike yet, but I feel like I have spent the last two days learning how to use this and that I could now, officially embark on the mt. bike trails.  Stay tuned!

Enjoy these other videos I created using Google Glass:

The Art of Glass: Google Glass Exploration Begins!

June 26-27, 2013

Yesterday, I had the privilege of being escorted by beautiful, happy, young Bay Area employees of Google, on my first "Google Glass Adventure".  It was the best day of the week, having been sunny and hot after two days of rain in both Marin and San Francisco.  There was a great, cool breeze on the water, but not so much to make you cold enough to need a jacket.  Perfect day.  I arrived at the Embarcadero with enough time to wander the shops.

Embarcadero_SF It was the day that SCOTU struck down the Defense of Marriage Act and vacated the ban on same-sex marriage in California.  Many of my friends were in SF waiting to hear the results, and in general, it was a special day for a lot of folks in all of the Bay Area.  I have a lot of gay friends, and many of them are already married, but today was really special because it finally said that we are all human beings and we all have rights no matter who we love.  This is an amazing time to be alive-- not only do we have equality in marriage and women "Leaning In"... but we have Google Glass to record these amazing new chapters.

As I was marveling at the beauty in this day and all that had happened thus far, I headed out to the secret pier we were told to meet for the Google Glass fitting.  My adventure began at 4:30pm, and we departed by motorboats with pontoons and a below cabin area for storage.  There were 5 Google Explorers in our boat, and 3 assistants to help us get to our next location.  Note here that all the employees and boat crew were already wearing Glass with the polarized shade attachment.  It was an entire Glass operation, from the moment we met at the pier, all the way back, Google Glass was being worn by all.

The boat ride took us under the Bay Bridge and across the Bay to Alameda.  There was a bus waiting to meet us at the next location!  The bus and more helpful Glass staff took us to the building where we would receive our Glass.  Not only Google Glass, but glasses of champagne, heirloom tomatoes, festive white lights, music and beautiful young people dressed in clean, matching GAP-like, uber-casual Friday fashions.  It was the Google version of the Apple Store, but somehow pumped up a notch, with all the employees wearing colorful Glass computer headgear and being super hip and helpful.  I think my guest and I may have felt a little bit old in this environment, but they all made me want to fit in.  I surely wanted to be one of these shiny, happy people with Glass.

Google Glass Fitting 6/23/2013

Yes!  It was cool to be an explorer.  I'm in!  Sure, I'm 45 and a single-mom, but I can pretend I'm 30 again, and but for a few wrinkles around the eyes and my not so 30-something body... well, I really do look 30.  Yes, I am ready to start over with Glass!  (For all those 20-somethings out there, who have no clue how quickly you will be older, these are the thoughts we think at 45, when life is starting to feel like it's moving too fast in the wrong direction.)

Google Glass Fitting 6/23/2013 From the moment I signed up to pick up Glass (having been selected as one of the 8,000 tweets to get to Alpha-test this device) it has been a clandestine, and fun journey.  Having had three contract jobs in the last three months, I wondered how this would financially come to fruition, but magically, it all worked out.  Just to remind those who are big time planners out there, this moment never could have been planned.  I worked very hard to stay employed, and I spend a lot of time sharing with friends and others that care about art, cycling and the Bay Area on Twitter.  These are the reasons I am here writing for you today.  I tweeted to Google that I wanted to use Glass to record cycling shots from my bike for use in my paintings.

Riding a bike, we see a lot of colorful people and shapes pass by us, but don't have time to stop the bike and pull out a camera.  I thought that Glass could help me to capture these brief but fantastic moments that I can only have in my memory for less than a second.  Inspired by this new way of seeing things, I believed it would only inspire my art in a new way.  Here is the start of my journey.  Please follow along as I learn about Glass and work to use it in my art, and hopefully in the art of others in my community.  I would like to also feature other local artists while I am testing Glass, so if you are reading this and are in the Bay Area and would like to be interviewed through Glass, send me a note below in my comments.  Click the thumbnails, below, to view more from the Google Glass Fitting.  My next post will be about the pros and cons of Glass as it is right now, including photos taken by my 11 year old twins.  Stay tuned...

GlassFitting_June262013Google Glass Fitting 6/23/2013Embarcadero_SFGoogle Glass Fitting 6/23/2013Google Glass Fitting 6/23/2013Google Glass Fitting 6/23/2013
CapeOrlando_thruglassGoogle Glass Fitting 6/23/2013Google Glass Fitting 6/23/2013Google Glass Fitting 6/23/2013Google Glass Fitting 6/23/2013Google Glass Fitting 6/23/2013
Google Glass Fitting 6/23/2013Google Glass Fitting 6/23/2013AlamedaGlow_throughGlassShip_throughGlassSailboat_thruGlassBlimp_throughGlass
BayBridge_Splash_thruGlassGoogle Glass Fitting 6/23/2013TwoBikes_BayBridge_thruGlassBayBridge_sculptureYodaFountain_thruglass

Google Glass Fitting, a set on Flickr.

The Art of Sophia Collier: Sound Waves to Form

Detail of "Dark Water", Carved acrylic ©2013 Sophia Collier
Sophia Collier is a Sausalito-based artist who works with computers, sound and enormous machines to create minimalistic art forms. It is a very complex process designed to achieve such a simple form we can find in nature, but once you see the results, it is highly impressive and there is vast beauty in the light and space art she is creating. Collier's original desire was to create a piece of water at a precise moment of time, similar to the way a painter recreates a landscape painting. However, to do this, Collier uses sound waves that she has hand selected; she uses their form to model the waves in the sculpture works. This allows her to sample sounds from anything or any time, past or present.

Collier's latest project is a collaborative work in which she is asking those residing along the Grand River in Michigan to share sounds and samples with her online. Collier will then select from this pool of sounds to create her piece that will be displayed at GRAM (Grand Rapids Art Museum) September 2013 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  It is always enjoyable for me to learn more about how we can collaborate as artists. When I attended CalArts, the Contemporary Music Composition students would frequently collaborate with the Experimental Animation students. It was a terrific way for them to learn how to film score and create dramatic and unique works they may not have normally aspired to create.

Want to participate or have a friend or family member in Michigan to share this with?  There are several ways to participate:

•  Visit Urban Remix and record/upload sounds online or via free phone app.  Urban Remix is a project conceived of and is directed by Jason Freeman, Michael Nitsche, and Carl Disalvo, who are professors at the Georgia Institute of Technology, in Atlanta, Georgia. It is made possible by the invaluable work of numerous students and designers, and supported in part by the Music Technology program, the Digital Media program, and the GVU center at Georgia Tech.

•  Upload a sound with Soundcloud online (or record sounds with soundcloud app via phone)please click the Soundcloud button here and join the group!

•  Download the Soundcloud apps for free here, and record sounds from your iPhone or iPad).

•  Share a Youtube video or other method of sharing captured sounds.  For this method, please email Sophia here.  Thanks for checking out this new project! -Colleen
Sophia Collier in the Studio from Sophia Collier on Vimeo

The Art & Colors of Nutmeg (in Nicasio)

Squat Mason Jar Flower Display at NutmegI had the pleasure of meeting both Joanne Sollecito and Ruby Hackney today in their new "Vintage Farmhouse Chic" shop on the Square in Nicasio, California. Ruby is a mother of two with an amazing design sense and flair for merchandising. The color spots she had created in the shop were so enjoyable, and the found mason jar flower displays were unique and fun. I loved being there, and didn't want to leave!

I was sent to the shop by Liz Daniels, proprietor of Cow Track Ranch, where I had been with the group "Art on the Farm" today for plein air painting.  Liz was raving about Ruby and Joanne's place and telling me I should bring my paintings there for them to sell... that would be great!  Local art would do very well there, as it is located right next to Druid's Hall where the annual MALT art show and exhibit is held each year.  Rancho Nicasio has a series of summer concerts on the lawn that are lots of fun.  Joanne and I started talking about coffee on the Square, and how that would be the next shop needed for all the passing summer cyclists.  Having just taken a brief nap with the cows myself at Cow Track, as the fog rolled in and it got windy and unpredictably cold, I was definitely ready for my afternoon caffeine assist before driving the winding roads home.

Just down the road from Nutmeg is Nicasio Valley Cheese Company and the LaFranchi Ranch, home of the west Marin pumpkin patch.  Lucky for me, they were having a special today, 2 for 1 on Foggy Morning and Foggy Morning with Basil... yum!

I'm sure it won't be long before the MarinIJ and Marin Magazine snap up the story of this new opening... I suggest they do a "Mother and Daughter" businesses of Nicasio story, since Liz Daniels and daughter, Melissa are now operating a B&B and "Real Weddings" venue at Cow Track. The new website by Melissa is terrific, with lots of photos.

Get out and enjoy Nicasio!