iPad Painting on an airplane....Cirque du Café

Cirque du Café, originally uploaded by cproppe.
April 7-8, 2012:  I haven't had time to touch the iPad lately for a daily drawing.... between a cast party for 100 kids, 10th Bday for my twins, organizing a classroom art project for 53 kids, working as a graphic designer at AWD, and kicking off the first paint out of Marin's "Art on the Farm".... Well.. No time to play with the iPad. So, we are now on Spring break and I started a new Circus Kiss painting on the plane. I am in an airport hotel for the first night before driving to Vero Beach to visit grandparents for Easter. Sadly, we are next to noisy people and now I can't sleep... I am going to try again. Hope these noisy folks go to sleep soon!!!

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