April is always my busiest month.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

First "Art on the Farm" visit of 2012: Cerini Ranch in Tomales.
Wow... I can barely catch my breath to stop and write this post.  We started the month with the kick off visit for "Art on the Farm", a community group of plein air artists and photographers that visit Marin Organic Farms to gather inspiration.  I have been managing a blog for this group for about 6 years now.  I took my son on this visit and he painted his first oil painting.  Read more about this visit to Cerini Ranch in Tomales, here.  Tomorrow, almost the last day of April, I will head out to Toluma Farms for another "Art on the Farm" paint out.  I am looking forward to seeing watercolor artist and friend, Kate Peper!  A great way to end the month.

This week also saw the completion of the California report and a Mission Model for my other son, and a cast party for 80+ kids in Rumpelstiltskin that doubled as my twins 10th Birthday party.
Boys 10th Birthday-- A "Sheep Cake" in honor of their roles in Rumpelstiltskin.

Then, we flew off to Florida for a world tour of Epcot and Disney World for the kids 10th Bday.  This is a blog post for another time... Terrific weather and relaxing in Vero Beach with the grandparents, and then 4 busy days in Disney World.  The boys loved it, but Mom and Dad just wanted some peace and quiet afterwards.

AWD visiting teacher
"Space" t-shirt by Aidan
Returning home on a Sunday night, the next day was an art project for 54 kids to raise funds for the YES Foundation.  I was fortunate to have artist, Stephanie Jucker, a studio artist at AWD, to teach this class and assist with the project.  Thank you, Stephanie!  Check out Stephanie at Marin Open Studios next weekend, May 5 + 6!  She does fantastic collage work, painting, and hand-painted clothing... not to mention, she teaches classes all over Marin.

Next up, I will be designing notecards of all the kids t-shirt creations to sell at the YES online auction.  We are busy!

It is a very good thing that I am not doing Marin Open Studios this year.  However, if you are a collector and interested in a cycling painting or a Marin Landscape with cows...  I am always available for commissions.  Next year, I do plan to find a location for Marin Open Studios.

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