Sunflower Storm | iPad Painting Day 7/365

Wednesday, March 14, 2012:

Today was another wet and stormy day. It is great that we are finally getting some rain, after a terribly dry winter. After work, I drove my son to swim team practice this cold, gray, rainy afternoon. Inside the waiting room at the swim club, they had a table with a vase of sunflowers and greens from a local floral designer. It was 20 feet away from me, and the brightest thing in the room. I downloaded the ArtRage app for iPad and began this digital painting. I could not really see the details of the flowers, 20 feet away, so this is more of an abstract painting of the flowers, and how they inspired me on this dark and wet, Wednesday.

I love the tools in "ArtRage", but I could not find a way to export the image at a very high resolution. It is not very intuitive in this regard. It does mention that you can export a PTG file, but it doesn't explain what can be done with this. I now have to reasearch online to find out if this PTG file holds the high res info. It does mention that you can play back a file "if" you have recorded the actions, which I don't know if I did or not. I am guessing I didn't have that turned on because I didn't know I had to do so, after having used the Brushes App (which automatically records your actions).


Unknown said...

Okay Colleen here's what ya do. Get a little tripod for your iPhone, and set it up next to your iPad, and video yourself painting on your Pad. Except the picture on the Pad will be all "morayed" (like the eel - kinda slinky and weird), right? So you must be using your fingertips like a brush on the touchpad, is that it?

C. Proppé said...

Hi Jeb! Well, yes... I don't think that video would be very exciting, but I do like to watch these paintings played back over time, revealing the choices we make... Sort of like Facebook Timeline, eh? ;). I am doing an iPad painting a day to keep my eye and mind alive each day, as I have less time to oil paint. Hopefully, it will inspire me in ways I can not even imagine right now. It does feel better than creating nothing but graphics for other people's art. PS... I like your blog, and cool about your kids writing and blogging too.