Day 12/365: "First Tracks" iPhone Photo
+Day 11/365: "Snowshoes" iPad Painting

First Tracks, originally uploaded by cproppe.
Monday, March 19, 2012
Day 12/365: Painting strokes down a snowy canvas.

Nature's Canvas, created fresh and white with snow is an absolute joy for skiiers and snowboarders to "paint" upon on a day like today... There is nothing quite like playing in fresh, perfect snow. On this day, I played in the snow with my sons, and then drove home at noon, leaving this gorgeous art of nature behind, to get my sons to their school play Tech Rehearsal on time... It was pure torture, but at least we got a piece of it.  There was no time for me to paint on the iPad today, but I thought this photo was worthy enough to share.  For more photos from this St. Patty's Day snow storm, visit my set on Flickr, here.

-Sugar Bowl at Donner Summit, Norden, California. Photo taken with an iPhone from the Lincoln Chair Lift.
***Update... doh... I did acutally paint an iPad painting this weekend, and I forgot all about it!  This is what happens when you are far away from home and Blogger won't post your photos from an iPad...
"Snowshoes" iPad painting, Day 11/365 Project, originally uploaded by cproppe.
Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 11/365:  This snow painting was inspired by my snowshoeing treck through the cross-country trails at Sugar Bowl after fresh powder had fallen.  It was magical!  If you haven't been snowshoeing in fresh powder before... you don't know what you are missing.  It is definitely like walking on clouds or pillows, soft and sinking a little, but not too deep.  It's so much fun and great exercise.  I was out there on the trails, waving off the Caterpillar groomer dude with his big yellow vehicle... I just wanted to walk around in the powder and he was clearing the trails.  I have some amazing photos from this little pillow walk.   I will upload them to Flickr and share here soon....

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