Day 8 of 365 Day project: Lost a fun painting. Darn.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Grrrr!  Crashes.  We take them for granted now that we have been on Macs for so long, and applications on our computers are very stable.... Well, here come the apps made for iPads and iPods and all those other devices we cherish that are written by budding programmers and don't have auto save or anything at all.  I should ring the programmer's neck!  : )

So, "ArtRage", the app is aptly called, crashed on me when I was about to save my latest masterpiece, and I was so excited to share this one.  It was a limited palette image of a mt. bike- abstract and quirky and fun, with blues and oranges, a little dark brown, black and white.  It had a bit of a Keith Haring feel to it... It was inspired by a night bike ride I took to CVS to buy tea tonight before the rain started up again.  Thank goodness for that bike ride, or I'd be even more upset now.

So, I painted on the iPad in "ArtRage" app for 2+ hours, and I had set the app to "Record" my brush strokes.  This allows you to play it back later at a higher resolution.  I wanted this option so I could print the image large at a later date.  Well... I guess 2 hours of drawing with out saving is pretty stupid... but I am so used to the "Brushes App" automatically saving what I do, and it is very stable... so I wasn't even thinking of the possibility of losing my work.

Grrrr...  It was such a fun, happy, cool piece of art.  I am going to try to recreate it tomorrow for my drawing of the day #9, but I will definitely be SAVING FREQUENTLY.

I enjoyed the painting time very much, and the brushes I used were mostly the large paintbrush, the pen tool and that was pretty much it!  I will try again tomorrow.  Stay tuned...

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