Circus Kiss: Day 14/365 iPad Painting

Friday, March 23, 2012

Wednesday night, I fell asleep painting a goofy fish on my iPad and never saved my work....
Thursday night, I built a paper California Mission model of Mission San Buenaventura with my 4th grader, and we decorated the model and poster into the wee hours of the am....

Greek Salad+ fruit bowl,  Café du Cirque, San Rafael
Tonight, Friday.... Here is a circus elephant, with a Hershey's chocolate kiss.... I don't know why I had to paint more chocolate, or a kiss for that matter, but it just came to me.  The circus theme is one I see daily now since I have been enjoying the new Café in San Rafael, Café du Cirque.

The new café is located just diagonally across the street from my work "Art Works Downtown" on Fourth Street.  It's just West of 4th and E Street, and right across from "OutGrown".  The space has a circus theme and huge kids play area in the back.  You can't see the kids' area unless you actually walk past the counter, so it is still a great place for those with out kids too.  Smart design!
Today I had a late lunch of a salad and fruit, and a great latte. Kersten, the owner, is super friendly, and she always has a fresh and colorful flower on each table.  I have been told this is the "year of the circus" and I have decided to just go with that thought.  So... you can now follow me on Twitter at both @cproppe AND @circuskiss :
I am hoping to continue Circus Kiss as a brand with circus themed designs and hopefully, a children's book.  Here's to the year of the circus!

Follow @circuskiss on Twitter for more circus designs to come!

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