Cherimoya the Clown: Ice Cream Fruit Juggling | Day 15 + 16/365 iPadpainting

 Sunday-Monday, March 25 + 26, 2012:

I bought my first Cherimoya at the Good Earth a couple days ago. I had never seen anything like this... it looked like a cross between an artichoke and an apple, but it's skin of this variety looked like someone had carved into it like it was wood; the beautiful indentations were full of light. It was so stunning, I had to buy it.

Obviously, I went home and looked it up, only to learn that this is the Cherimoya or Chirimoya, native to the Andes, and nicknamed "The Ice Cream Fruit". So, I decided it had to make it into my odd circus series of iPad paintings... so here we have the ice cream and cherimoya juggling clown.... I have waited two days, and my cherimoya is not ripe yet, but I look forward to trying it.

In the meantime, you might want to read this very informative article about Cherimoya's that just was published in the LA Times.
"The Scoop on Cherimoya: The Ice Cream Fruit"

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