Bike with Stripes + Solids: Day 6/365 iPad Painting

Bike with Stripes and Solids, originally uploaded by cproppe.
Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 6 in the 365 iPad paintings project: I upgraded my Brushes App this evening... I didn't realize I had been painting with the older version of the app until tonight. This version of the app allows you to change the thickness of the line with the speed of your finger... Great! So, I played with some lines here. Photo reference in a layer below, I was able to paint over the photo and let a few critical elements show through. The bike was on a path in Mill Valley that runs along Richardson Bay.

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C. Proppé said...

I'm thinking this would make a great "Bike and Walk" poster for Marin. The kids have a "Bike and Walk to School" day coming up in the Spring.