In the Studio today... Graphic Design:
2nd Fridays Art Walk

This design has a person looking at art (top left) as the first thing you see.

I'm working on a new, general postcard for the 2nd Fridays Art Walk in downtown, San Rafael.  The goal for this one is to have an informative print ad that can be ever present in downtown, sharing information for artists, the general public, sponsors for this event, and volunteers.  I am trying to work on a design that will grab your attention at the first glance, and let you know this is a fun, downtown event.  The back side of the card will offer more detail info targeted towards the different participants. (ie... Particpate!  Sponsor Us!  Volunteer!)  Which design do you like better?

2nd Fridays Art Walk is a program of the non-profit Arts Center I work for, Art Works Downtown.  They promote the event, create the maps, and make sure the venues who are pouring wine or beer do so legally and have licenses with the ABC.  It's a big job, and we are always looking for sponsors to pay for the printing of maps or donate in-kind donations of food or beverage.  Volunteers interested in the Arts are also always needed!  Check out the website for more information: or click here to learn about Sponsorship.
In this design, a gallery full of people is the first thing you read, left to right.

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